Tiny Home living has become a life-style for many families across the world. Get the peace of mind of a home without the inflated price. Cost effective, Mobile and supplied with our green energy solutions to give you the most savings on you electric bill.   

Smart Green  Home! 


  • Solar Panels

  • Solar Generator Wind Turbine

  • Pressure Treated Wood

  • Insulated Walls and Floors

  • Hurricane Impact Windows

  • 2 lofts for bedrooms

        and or storage

  • 20 Year Metal Roof Warranty

  • Full Size Bathroom

        (with Solar Toilet)

  • Air to Water Drinking Dispenser

        (1-3 gallons)

  • Epoxy Flooring and Counter Tops

Water From The Air !

Fresh Clean Drinking Water Dispenser

Amazing Technology converts 

Air into Clean Drinkable Water!

Works like magic!

Taste it and you will Love It!

Provide high-quality Air to Drinking Water dispenser for fresh drinking. The current system oxygenates, detoxifies, activates cells and enhances immunity for optimal health. We have Green Financing Available!

Magnetic Generator Free Energy!

Generate electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any home or business. This amazing new technology is a game changer in Energy Industry. We will be taking orders shortly as soon as Approved to sell in USA.


  Green Powered Generators 


Solar Power, Wind Power, Magnetic Power and More!


Wind Power, Solar Power and Magnetic Power and more!

Free Energy from Nature in your hands. Save on Energy Costs up to 100% on your electricity bills. Learn how you can sell energy to the Grid.  


Up to 100,000 Hours!

20 Year Warranty on LED Lights.

Save Energy, Save Maintance Costs. Compound your savings with our long lasting bright LED lights.

From the Air to Drinking 

1-3 gallons of free drinking water produced daily on smaller unit. Up to 10,000 Gallons per day on largest unit.

Amazing you can drink clean pure H2O from the Air with state of the art technolgy filtration systems. At a savings costs on water and conect to a Green  Energy Generator.  

Green Epoxy Flooring and Countertop Systems

Let our team transform your office, business, school or home with our amazing Green Epoxy Flooring and Countertop Systems. No toxins or smell. Custom designs are tailored to your space's color theme. Impress your clients with a mesmerizing marble entrance without breaking the bank.

Who Are We?

Pistolatum is a forward thinking company who are Alternative Energy experts. Our mission is to provide every home owner with an alternative and innovative source of energy. Liberating our customers of the burdens of paying too much for electricity. Our energy solutions help save you money and help save the environment. Working with Green Builders to provide the Smart Green Tiny Homes of the future now.

Start Today with Our Green Financing Programs  



Pistolatum looking for great talents to join the  Green Team. Show your strengths. Apply now!  

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